Dental Research And Clinical Trials

Clinical Research at Smile Care®, operational since 1998 is focused towards development and evaluation of oral health care products. An Institutional Ethics Committee for Ethical clearance has been functional since 2006

Smile Care® has worked with many multinational oral healthcare and dental manufacturing companies for efficacy and safety studies and has contributed through clinical studies in developing various currently available global oral health care products.

Research Highlights

  • Expertise in scientific, administrative and clinical areas for the clinical study conduct.
  • Clinical studies conducted according to the by-laws laid down by the International Conference Harmony (ICH) in compliance with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations.
  • 11 member Institutional Ethics Committee now registered with the CDSCO in 2013
  • Product analysis and clinical evaluation carried out by a team of trained professionals and calibrated assessors including international experts.
  • Experience and infrastructure to support large group and long duration studies
  • Conducted efficacy and safety studies involving Plaque, Gingivitis, Malodour, Whitening and Stain removal, Xerostomia, Implants and Oral Wound healing.
  • Affiliations with market research groups for large range of study population , data analysis and strategic tie ups for microbiological and biostatistical support.

Research Services Offered

  • Database of volunteer population for study recruitment
  • Protocol formulations support
  • Regulatory clearances /approvals facilitation
  • Study management and documentation
  • Report generation and publication

Research Partners