Smile Care, with its expansive infrastructure and number of empanelled expert clinicians, has the unmatched advantage of being able to simultaneously cater to large groups for their individual treatment needs. The inter-disciplinary services provided under one roof are well co-ordinated and seamlessly rendered by various specialists, offering customized treatments, maximising output per visit, thus minimising patient visits and time spent per visit.

Our practice is the ideal choice for dental tourists as our experience and expertise, modern infrastructure, volume capabilities, strict hygiene measures, standardized and transparent practices, managed care and adherence to stringent timelines make it distinctly ahead of all other dental providers.

We take pride in participating in Indian dental tourism and in providing world class experience and treatments to our touring patients. We also cater to school, corporate and expatriate groups including embassies as we have come to be their preffered choice of dentist time after time. Do call in or write to for any enquiries.