Various viruses and bacteria colonize or infect the oral cavity and respiratory tract. These organisms can be transmitted in dental settings most often through direct contact with blood, oral fluids or other patient materials and indirect contact with contaminated objects (e.g., instruments, equipment, or environmental surfaces).

Infection Control in the dental practice focuses on the use of sterilization procedures that will be able to eliminate cross-infection from a dental professional to a patient, from a patient to the dental professional and between two patients.

At Smile Care® we follow an international protocol for infection control for the safety of our patients and team members by the use of barriers such as gloves, masks, instrument trays, tray covers, covers of the working surfaces and light handles.

There are a range of instruments used in the dental practice which are disposable and hence control cross-infection inherently. Those which are meant for repeated use are cleaned through a series of steps such as chemical cleaning, biosonic cleaning, heat sterilization, using various equipment and applicable cycles followed by proper handling after sterilization.

Our patients are welcome to take a look at the sterilization area and ask any pertinent questions that they may have to safeguard their health interests.

Special Care in COVID19 Times

Smile Care has always followed strict protocols for sterilization and hygiene based on internationally established guidelines.

Our hygiene measures include cleaning and disinfecting dental chairs, surfaces, walls, floors and frequently touched points such as door knobs, switches etc. Our personnel use clean scrubs, gloves, and masks for all procedures always. Our instruments are appropriately autoclaved with the best in B class autoclaves for the safety of our patients. Handling of all patient related materials such as used instruments, impressions, drapes, etc has a specific Standard Operating Procedure in place. Our bio-hazardous waste handling processes have always been well defined.

We have always given prime importance and used extreme caution in these processes and that has been an important positive for our very well informed and health conscious clientele.

As the world around us is changing rapidly with the Corona Pandemic, and as we are getting more and more understanding about this virus following world-wide research, we have made essential changes in our protocols based on the new international guidelines for safety against spread of the virus.

We will now be using different chemicals for cleaning the surfaces and will also be increasing the frequency to multiple times a day. You will now see us dressed in different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so that we can ensure the same safe and secure working environment that we have always been able to provide for you. Additionally, we will have certain strict measures in place for maintaining a safe working environment.

We need your cooperation and are sure you will abide by for the safety of yourself and our team.

  • 1. We would be taking a telephonic history for COVID19 screening as well as understanding the dental problem. This will help us better prepare for your dental office visit.
  • 2. As we will have to space out the appointments for maintaining social distancing and we want to optimise your visit time, we request punctuality to be strictly adhered to.
  • 3. We request you to come directly for your dental visit without making stopovers and contact along the way
  • 4. We would be conducting a screening of temperature and oxygen saturation, and patients would be required to use masks, hand sanitizers and don caps, hand gloves and shoe covers during their visit
  • 5. Social distancing to be maintained and hence accompanying person will be disallowed except for children and patients requiring assistance accompanied by 1 person only
  • 6. We discourage you from bringing in big bags/purses for your dental visit to avoid contamination in our operatories. Also use of mobile to be restricted during your visit unless urgent
  • 7. We will be using alcohol face wipes before we start dental procedures, hence please avoid use of make up
  • 8. We request all payments to be contactless during this period

Frequently Asked Questions

Many types of mouthwash available in the market, which are nothing but mild cleansers use to refresh the mouth. These mouthwash be used as temporary solutions to fight bad breath but the prolonged usage is not advisable.

Dental treatments performed by dental professionals using quality equipment and materials. Along with this, follow-up instructions after treatment results in the betterment and the overall health of the patient, so they need to visit the dentist one or more time. So considering the treatment length and the results obtained the treatment seems little expensive but it is not.

One should visit the dentist at least once in a six-month for regular check-ups. However, if there are problems such as a toothache, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth or any dental problem, we advise visiting the dentist immediately.