This is a comprehensive program aimed at preparing a young dentist to hone his/her skills and become a 'polished clinician'. It includes 3 weeks of power-packed clinical and hands-on training guided by Dr. Ratnadeep Patil and his team. This is also backed with ample demonstrations and discussions in which the participants can clear all doubts.

Who should take up the program?

Young dentists who wish to make a difference in the field and who aspire to set up or lift their clinician practice. Also, those who intend to raise the bar by excelling in clinical skills, maintaining a great work-life balance and maintain a clinical practice inclined towards scientific and research-based treatment delivery.

Objectives of the program

  • 1. Acquire skills to establish an independent practice
  • 2. Patient communication and conversion through comprehensive treatment planning
  • 3. Create a personal development plan
  • 4. Build and retain a team
Selection criteria
  • 1. Young dentist with a valid license to practice dentistry in India
  • 2. A short screening test which includes 25 MCQs and one essay. The primary goal of the screening process is to choose qualified candidates who can undertake this intensive clinical program.

Date: The Program will be conducted over 3 weeks from 3rd to 22nd June 2019.

Venue: Eduhub Interactive Learning, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025

Price: INR 76,700/-

The program price will also cover the following for 22 days

  • - Price includes 18% GST
  • - All dental materials and instruments
  • - X-rays and diagnostic tools required
  • - Dental assistants required for hands-on training and patient demonstration
Pre-requisites for the program
  • 1. Reading of basic sciences of all subjects to be done prior to attendance
  • 2. Participants to carry their own contra-angles and Air Rotor handpieces.
  • 3. Participants to carry extracted teeth as per requirement in the day wise outline
Program structure

The Clinical Residency Program with be conducted over three weeks from the 3 rd to 22 nd June 2019. The program is a combination of relevant lecture sessions coupled with model hands-on and actual clinical work on patients.

Clinical sessions

Participants will independently manage treatment of patients requiring the following procedures. Execution of procedures will be through team work and role-plays during clinical hours.

  • 1- Anterior/posterior root canal treatment
  • 2- Anterior and posterior composite restorations
  • 3- Crown and bridge prostheses
  • 4- Extraction of firm teeth
  • 5- Supra and sub gingival scaling
Ivory/ extracted teeth or customized model hands-on
  • 1- Root canal procedures
  • 2- Composite restorations both anterior and posterior
  • 3- Crown preparations for anterior and posterior teeth for various crown and bridge materials
  • and making provisional restoration
  • 4- Suturing protocols and techniques
  • 5-Rubber Dam isolation
  • 6-Crown lengthening technique
  • 7-Crowns for deciduous teeth
Real-time patient demonstrations
  • 1-Extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth
  • 2-In –office vital teeth whitening
  • 3- Esthetic cases/procedures done by Dr Patil
Didactics and recorded videos
  • 1- Diagnosis and management of pain
  • 2- Reading OPGs to develop treatment plans
  • 3- Basic Smile Design Principles and preparation for composite and ceramic veneers
  • 4- Briefs of root canal procedures, tooth preparations, impressions and provisionalization
  • 5- Crown lengthening, deep scaling and localized curettage procedures
  • 6- Paediatric restorations
  • 7- Bonding protocols
  • 8- Choice of post and core restorations
  • 9- Prescription writing
  • 10- Basic occlusion principles
  • 11- Sterilization protocols in your practice
  • 12-Perio-procedures for general practitioner
  • 13-Communication skills, building your team, patient conversion and loyalty
  • 14- Medical conditions relevant to the dentist
  • 15- Management of emergencies in day to day practice and during surgical procedures
Faculty for the program

Dr. Ratnadeep Patil and his team of Specialists and Associates

Selection and registration process
  • 1. The candidates need to first appear for the short online screening test here:
  • 2. Then the candidates will be informed about the final decision regarding their selection within 7 days of completion of the screening test
  • 3. If selected, details will be provided for securing a place in the program. The last date to complete the test is May 21 st , 2019.

This program will be limited to 12 seats only.

Seats will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only those candidates who have qualified and met the selection criteria will be eligible to enrol for the program. If selected, details will be provided to those candidates for securing their place in the program.

Certification will be provided from Smile Care under the mentorship of Dr. Ratnadeep Patil after completion of the Clinical Residency Program

Contact Information

For any queries, you can contact Ms. Aarthi Madella, Program Co-ordinator, at:


Phone: +919819090608